Self Drive Pizeo Buzzer Alarm


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The system includes a passive self-drive pizeo buzzer with a drive PCB underneath, buzzer can automatically start at the maximium volume when power is supplied.

This board can generate up to 80dB sound as a alarm at 5VDC.

Buzzer maxium up to 100dB and 9V, this also need to tune the drive board.

The pizeo transducer and a drive PCB are installed in a rack. The outter diamter is about 35-37mm.

The buzzer can be turned on or off by on board IO, pull to low to turn ON and high to OFF.

Lead out three pins underneath, VCC, GND and IO.

Includes two installation M3 holes on the PCB, distance 28 mm.

This is normally used in alarm system, for example smoke detector.

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