Saleae8 USB Logic Analyzer 24M 8-Channel

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A very useful debugging tool for digital signal analyzing, help you fully analyzing the UART, IIC, SPI, CAN all of these interface. If you don’t want start with expensive oscilloscope, this will be another good choice.


  • A total of eight digital channels, =voltage range is 0V ~ 5.5V, the voltage threshold is considered to be low below 1.5V, 1.5V above is considered high.
  • Package includes the main device, 10pins of dupont cable and one USB cable.
  • See basic how it works and how to use the introduction video below.
  • Samples : How much samples to collect, Mhz: frequency of sampling, so 50M * 1Mhz will be 50 total sampling time.
  • This one is a starter version, different to Saleae16, which has 100Mhz, 16-channel version


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12 reviews for Saleae8 USB Logic Analyzer 24M 8-Channel

  1. upchrist (verified owner)

    A super tool when working with communications between microcontrollers and devices.
    Already saved me that much time it has already payed itself.
    A must have !

  2. muzy (verified owner)

    Very useful and works like charm. Even the Linux software works well and the download is directly available from the manufacturers website.

  3. diegobicego (verified owner)

    Very useful! It works well and the PC software is intuitive and easy to use.

  4. serfieledrag (verified owner)

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
    If you want to debug mcu-device, or any other device with logic levels – buy this, it will help you to view data flow at nice speed!
    The software ergonomics need improvements, anyway, but basic version works great.
    For me it was very useful to view device response with Wiegand-26 interface, measure speed of my AVR-powered board…
    Thanks to Electrodragon!

  5. serfieledrag (verified owner)

    Доставка в Россию идет из Германии – если вы выберете соответствующий пункт – идет быстро достаточно!

  6. cowcow

    These are great and works with several free software. I would suggest buying the test hooks (also sold here) when you get this.

  7. medvonok (verified owner)

    Is fine, bus small problem with drivers. Works with windows 7 64 bits.

  8. Gloria (verified owner)

    It works perfecly under linux, the instalation and configuration is easy. The software have intuitive use. Very usefull tool

  9. Christoph

    This is one of the most useful tools I have. Works perfectly, native Linux software and very reliable operation.

  10. Jacques (verified owner)

    This is a great device. Works very well with the saleae software. An incredible deal for the price.

  11. Brandon (verified owner)

    This thing is amazing! The software at least is used by SpaceX, Tesla motors, Amazon, and a favorite Georgia Tech (My hopeful future school!).
    Simple and easy to use.

  12. porkyneal (verified owner)

    Great little tool, works perfect with the Saleae software and windows 10. Can now debug some communication issues I was having. Thanks Electrodragon

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