[Retired] Silver Solder Paste Flux (for Repairing PCB Connections)


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This silver solder paste is most suitable for repairing PCB lines, it has a very low solidification point, heat the temperature up to 60 degree it will fully dry in minutes, before it dry the electric connection is not working. You can use it to fix keyboard, RAM, etc.

* Please do not always use the needles, silver solder paste will dry in it quickly, just remove the needle and push out the silver solder paste on your PCB directly.

  • Very good electromagnetic shielding effort.
  • It has very good adhesion capability on ABS, PC, ABS/PC, etc plastic.
  • 100% silver powder, very good electrical conductivity.
  • Very good abrasive resistance, strong connection and cover on surface.
  • Solid powder 60-80%
  • proportion 25℃ 1.46-1.48g/cm3
  • Resister <0.02 /sq Membrane thickness 12um
  • viscosity>20000CPS
  • electromagnetic shielding >80dB
  • Re commanded 12-16 um
  • Dry out temperature 60℃  for 20minutes, try to use heat gun.

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