[Retired]TEA5767 Radio/FM Learning Module (Philips IC)


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TEA5767 Philips produced a radio chip, and a lot of cell phones, MP3, MP4, radio features are to him.

TEA5767HN IC information:

  • High sensitivity, low noise and high frequency amplifier,
  • Radio frequency: 87.6MHz ~ 108MHz (support the frequency range of 76MHz to 87.5MHz between campus radio channels)
  • LC tuned oscillator to a lower cost, the RF the AGC circuit
  • Built-in FM IF selection, I2C bus control
  • Built-in FM stereo demodulator, PLL synthesizer tuner decoder
  • Two programmable port, soft mute, SNC (stereo noise cancellation)
  • Adaptive stereo decoding, automatic search function
  • Wait mode, one a 7.6 MHz crystal
  • 40-pin LQFP package
  • FM radio source

Module Introduction

TEA5767 built-in digital signal processor, basic frequency up to 75MHZ ,achieve 384KBPS/48KHZ the MD-level high-quality MP3 Music file playback, and with the common MP3 player difficult to match the Hifi  playback line (signal to noise ratio up to 95DB THD Total harmonic distortion <0.05%> at the same time power saving.

FM radio function, the function main depend FM radio module achieve. FM radio module, the core is (Philips) TEA5767. This is a relatively good performance of the FM radio chip, a lot of MP3 use this Model to achieve the FM radio function.

Read more information on this wiki page.

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