TRIAC is a similar device to relay, switching on and off to drive devices, has its own pros and cons, in some case could be better alternative.


  • Simplifies Logic Control of 115/240 Vac
  • Zero Voltage Crossing
  • dv/dt of 1500 V/µs Typical, 600 V/µs Guaranteed


  • Switching 16A, up to 630V

Board Features:

  • Control high-power AC equipment, motors, light bulbs, LED strips, DC motors, micro-pumps, solenoid valves
  • DC input control signal, 3.3-24V, 5mA, can drive by MCU, PLC IOs directly.
  • On board RC absorb snubbers circuit, to absorb feedback energy.


  • VAC input from right-bottom two pins, VAC Load from right-top two pins. Reversed will be nothing happen and no any harm.
  • Wiring please refer to attached image, if the VAC mains in and load connected revsered, it won’t explode but it won’t be controlled.

For customer only schematic at here.

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