[Retired]USB Hub 2.0, 4 Port (Independent Power)


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  • High speed USB 2.0, 480mbps, downward support USB 1.1/1.0
  • No need driver for Windows 7 or Raspberry Pi, will be recognized as USB hub directly, use lsusb command to see it on raspbian.
  • One USB output to your PC, laptop or raspberry pi, and four input USB port, this one input USB port can powered up RPI directly, so no need to connect from microUSB anymore.
  • Extra DC 3.5 connecter to AC wall mounted power plug, give 2A current to all devices, you can run fans, harddisk (make NAS for RPI?), keyboard, mouse, all thing high current required items for your PC, laptop or Raspberry Pi. So we normally put two USBs for harddisk (one from data, one for power supply), one USB for webcam, etc.
  • High current network card, wifi module can NOT work, you still have to put the wifi module (the type from us) on RPI.
  • 0.6 M cable.
  • Independent power switch and indicator LED.
  • Connect the power plug and input USB from the side to your PC, laptop or raspberry pi. And the peripheral USB devices on the four main USB ports.
  • Power plug may not suitable for every country, you can find a converter or find a suitable power plug which can provide 2A locally.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    conradj (verified owner)

    Nice small compact design and works like a dream.

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