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Classical design of capacitor/inductor meter, mature designed and already approved high performance measuring capability.

It is better than a normal multimeter from two points:

  • Higher precision (can measure the inductance of a copper wire 0.05uH/2CM)
  • Wider measuring range.
  • (Not a point) More easy to read, “smart” core atmega8

In this meter, C stands for capacitor, L stands for inductor and CE standards for electrolytic capacitor.

Measuring range:

  • Inductance measuring range: 0.1μH-2H (NA for multimeter)
  • Capacitance measuring range: 1pF-2.5μF (normal 2 or 20 nF for multimeter)
  • Electrolytic capacitor measuring range: 0.1μF-30000μF (200uF for multimeter)

Other features

  • External Power Supply 9-12V
  • All the parts on the PCB are well selected, precision of caps, resistor, CPOL, etc reach 1%,
  • Programmed IC atmege8
  • 1602 LCD display

Starting and documentation:

  • Do NOT including the cable terminal connector. This is a better choice for selecting a easy to attach connector later.
  • This kit is NOT assembled, require soldering skills, also you need to measure some resistors value.
  • This is a kit, please read the documents before to start assemble it, otherwise it is very easy to go wrong.

Additional information

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  1. 4 out of 5

    trhardin (verified owner)

    The kit goes together quickly there was no schematic and the orientation of the tantalum capacitors was not The clear.
    Also the components were not identified, so a good multimeter was of some help. The power jack housing gets in the way of the LCD module so I relieved some of the plastic of the housing to allow it to set flush. I used a Dremel moto tool for this I think with a sanding drum. If you do like me and decide to modify the plastic housing of the connector just don’t remove too much.

    I use I don’t get the self calibration message, but the values that it provides seem very acurate. A good kit and useful tool.

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