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WI05 module is an integrated 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, low-power embedded Wi-Fi module, provides one side to connect the user’s physical device to a Wi-Fi wireless networks, and provide UART interface for data transfer solutions on another side. With this module, the traditional low-end MCU control serial device or devices can easily access Wi-Fi wireless networks, in order to achieve things together network control and management.

The module integrates hardware MAC, baseband chip, RF transceiver unit, and a power amplifier; embedded firmware supports Wi-Fi protocol and configuration, as well as networking, TCP / IP protocol stack.

WI05 using the industry’s lowest-power embedded architecture design, and for smart grids, smart application of handheld devices, personal medical, industrial control, etc, these low-flow low-frequency field of data transmission, we did make professional optimization for these field.


  • Lower power consumption, nearly 10ma on connected but no-communication status.
  • Very small size, only 22 * 13.5 mm, finger tip size.
  • Support three GPIOs output, so it can control things directly as a MCU.
  • Cost-effective board design, based on Chinese type of core IC but supports most of router and devices on the world
  • Very easily embed into your system, all settings can be done via web console or AT commands permanently
  • Support smart link, WPS
  • Flexible IPEX antenna port, easily suits your designs
  • Antenna as shown in the pictures is included.


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2 reviews for [retired]Wi05 Wifi Module

  1. 5 out of 5

    sdfghjksdf (verified owner)

    Amazing little module! Works like a charm. Just connect 3.3V to it and you can access it with your web browser. I will integrate it into one of my next projects.
    Here is a hint:
    When you open the website at it will first show up in Chinese. In the upper right corner is a link that says “English”. Took me a while to find it. 😉
    I see that the login information has been updated in the documentation!

  2. 5 out of 5

    conradj (verified owner)

    Great little module with a lot of features build-in. Good wifi distance.

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