50 PCs SMT SMD Components Storage Module box

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  • color : Please leave a note (in personalize product note)if you need different color (organe, red, blue, green, etc)
  • Dimension: 31.5 x 24.5 x 21mm (1pcs)
  • Easy to access. opened Automatically  by clicking the grip
  • Can combine and sperated by module unit . 90 degree open.
  • Can store IC,  capacitors and resistors, small screws, nuts, washers and lock washers etc
  • For most of DIP components, it’s can only store around 5-10 pcs.
  • Very strong, durable and easy to use.
  • You can easily have hundreds of this to storage hundreds of your components from us!

If you need storage box for ICs, you can choose this 13*7 storage box, small, compact, and transparent.

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4 reviews for 50 PCs SMT SMD Components Storage Module box

  1. jeroenvp (verified owner)

    Spring loaded lid is very easy. The boxes can be connected to each other easily.

  2. trhardin (verified owner)

    The inside of each container is ~a 18mm cube — will hold lots of smd parts. The boxes do interlock in x-y plane and the lids do latch fairly well. Potential buyers might want to think about an additional backing for your interlockled boxes. Also, might be a good idea to keep the smd parts in a small bag inside the box — just in case. (those small parts are hard to sort) The lids of the boxses are smooth enough for stick on labels, but a separate locator matrix would be a good idea. Don’t count on using box colors.

  3. varo_mar (verified owner)

    This storage boxes are awesome to storage all the SMD components, it’s handy if you label each box with the component no. to solder it on a PCB

  4. z2amiller

    These are awesome for organizing SMD parts. The kit I received had 10 each of 5 colors, which allows some sorting of component types by color. ~18 cubic mm doesn’t sound like much, but one of these boxes will hold 5,000 0603-sized resistors!

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