AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module

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  • 2 sine wave and 2 square wave output
  • AD9850: 0-40MHz
  • After the 20-30MHz frequency harmonics increases, the waveform will be less and less clean
  • Square Wave: 0-1MHz
  • Low-pass filter with 70MHz, so the waveform better than SN
  • Parallel and serial data input can be selected via a jumper
  • DA produced the benchmark pin (PIN12) leads for easy adjustment to do the magnitude of the output waveform Application
  • Comparator reference input voltage generated by the variable resistor, the resistor can be adjusted duty cycle square wave of different
  • Active AD9850 125MHz crystal oscillator modules


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2 reviews for AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module

  1. reedv (verified owner)

    These DDS modules are the same as are available from several sources, and they work very well. I’ve purchase several and have used them as function generators and VFOs. Each one has worked great, and thr price is very good. Very nice module.

  2. LEVY (verified owner)

    Very good product
    Accurate easy to use

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