Headphone Amplifier, Differential to Single End Output, TPA6132


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Support differential audio single input, and output balancing single end signal on pins or 3.5mm audio jack. Professional headphone amplifier, gives high play quality on headphone, can also drive 32ohm speaker, or connect to other amplifier.

The board supports our CSRA64215, CSR8635, BK8000L, etc modules.

  • DET pin: The earphone is inserted into the detection foot. After the earphone is inserted, the output is low, and the output is not inserted.
  • CTRL pin: Chip enable pin (usually connected to the MUTE of the Bluetooth module). The input is low and the input is enabled. The default internal pullup is high by EN resistor.
  • Input voltage 2.3-5.5V. Input from board right bottom pins.
  • Input signal LP(L+), LN(L-), RP(R+), RN(R-). can also connect as LP -> L+, RP -> R+, and LN, RN to ground as single end input.
  • Output to L (left) R (right) G (ground) pins or 3.5mm audio jack.
  • G0 G1 are used to setup for gain, please refer to datasheet. G0 -> 1, G1-> 0, EN -> 1, default.
  • Based on TPA6132 standard schematic from datasheet.

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