Audio Preamplifier Board NE5532


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NE5532 is a classical amplifier chip, provides many great features as audio pre amplifier: High Efficience, good drive capability, wide frequency range, very low noise, high fidelity.

Normally used for low sound volume source as preamplifier, to gain greater sound signal, and push amplifier with better sound souce.

Board Features:

  • Default amplification ratio set to 5x. Change marked resistor value can increase amplification ratio, the bigger resistor value the higher amplification.
  • On board regulator LM7812, also have recitify on front, support AC power input.
  • Input voltage DC 8 – 24V, AC 5 – 16V. From top left input terminal.
  • Output signal on board left, and input from right side.
  • Compatible with IC AD828.

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