Non-contact liquid level sensors (hereinafter referred to as liquid level sensors) adopt advanced signal processing technology and high-speed signal processing chips to eliminate the influence of container wall thickness and truly non-contact detection of the liquid level in sealed containers.

The level sensor (probe) is installed on the upper and lower sides of the outer wall of the measured container (high and low level of the liquid level). The non-metallic container does not need to be opened. It is easy to install and does not affect production.

It can realize the detection of various toxic substances, strong acids, alkalis and various liquids in high-pressure sealed containers.


  • The non-contact liquid level sensor does not need to be in direct contact with the liquid and will not be corroded by corrosive liquids such as strong acids and alkalis, and will not be affected by scales or other foreign matter.
  • The detection is accurate and stable, and the boiling water can be detected.
  • Pure electronic circuit structure, non-mechanical working methods, stable performance and long life.
  • High stability, high sensitivity, high interference capacity, no external electromagnetic interference, special treatment for power frequency interference and common mode interference, to be compatible with all 5~12V power adapters on the market.
  • Strong compatibility, through a variety of non-metallic materials containers, such as plastic, glass, ceramics and other containers, the sensing distance of up to 12mm; liquid, powder, particulate matter can be detected.
  • Open collector output method, wide voltage range (5~12V), suitable for connecting various circuits and product applications.

Features Brief:

  • Detect non-contact non-metal liuquid in the container, up to 20mm thickness
  • Performance not affect by the transparency of the liquid
  • Performance not affect by the color of the liquid
  • Performance not affect by the temperature and humidity of the environment
  • Performance not affect by the acid and alkali corrosion
  • Highly stable and simple to use


  • Input Voltage (InVCC) DC 5~12 V (Customizable for 24V version)
  • Consumption current 5mA
  • Output Voltage (High Level)  InVCC
  • Output voltage (low level) 0V
  • Output current 1~50mA
  • Response time 500mS
  • Working environment temperature 0~100°C
  • Sensing thickness (sensitivity) range 0~20mm (promising in 12mm)
  • Humidity 5%~100%
  • Material ABS
  • Waterproof performance IP67

Pin Definition:

  • 5-12V: Input voltage
  • Out: Output signal, output singal current 2mA
  • GND: Ground 0V
  • M: Mode select out of output TTL signal


  • Works only for non-metalic medium wall container shell, for metalic version please contact.
  • Documentation please see here. Question please send by enquiry form.

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