Pipe Water Sensor, Temperature Flow Speed TDS



Three in one water sensor, support water temperature, flow speed and water quality TDS.

This is a sensor installed between pipes, default supply 1/2 in” water pipe tube, fast-plug connector, connect to outter diameter 6.35mm.

Also have 1/3 in” type, MOQ for 5pcs, please also add a note in order.

Application for drinking water machine, caffee machine, etc.

Support one extra TDS input value, on the XH2.54 connector

Pin definitions of output XH2.54-6Pin:

  • Power  suply 5V and ground
  • TEMP: read analog voltage output value, for example arduino analogread
  • FLOW: flow speed by pulse, the faster flow speed, the faster pulse speed.
  • TDS1-TX: Output two channels of TDS read value from 0x0000 to 0xffff, UART baudrate 9600.
    • For example, FA012C0041, FA header, 012C first TDS value, 0041 second TDS value.
  • Sensor cable length 50CM + extra convert board cable length 20CM (customizable)


Documentation please find here.


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