PN532 NFC/RFID V1.3 Development Board Arduino-Compatible w/Card


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PN532 NFC / RFID Development Board, Evaluation Board, latest v1.3 version, supports three kinds of protocol, white version! Providing Arduino test code and other development information! Free extra a empty card!

About Version 1.3

Based on version 1.2,  we optimized the circuit design, add FTDI support, add support for external power regulator, the chip will work more stable, supports three protocols SPI, IIC, serial.

NXP PN532 is a recently launched NFC chip, support mode and card reader mode (requires card chip Smart MX), support TypeA, TypeB, TypeC three standards, internal band a MCU51, support command mode, you can directly with the PC machine serial port to become a RFID reader, simple, low cost, good performance, a trend is the development of RFID.

Card reader connected to the computer through the serial port and the host computer can use libnfc, libnfc is an open source software, especially powerful to achieve a lot nfc function.

Circuit board used in all welding machines, pretty neat appearance, stable and reliable quality.

Never appear Weld and short circuits. Some of the market by hand soldering PN532 (QFN package) circuit boards, because the reasons for frequent QFN package Weld and short circuit.

Circuit board will take all pins of PN532  to lead out to facilitate the secondary development assessment, including smartMX chip interface also lead out.

Circuit board antenna calculated through mathematical formulas to achieve the best match results, 3.3v power supply, can reach the furthest distance reader 5CM!


  • Schematic, arduino demo code could be found here.
  • Most information could refer to this similar product, except the antenna and few power parts design are improved, the rest are fully same.

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