RTC Real Time Clock Module BL5372


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Board Features:

  • High performance and cheap price RTC solution
  • Standby power supply by on board CR2032 battery or pin header
  • Two interrrupt pins INT1 INT2
  • I2C communication interface, on board pull-up resistors
  • Reserved filter capacitor place for crystal 32Khz, can be used to tune the bias of clock.

Chip Features:

  • Ultra-low power consumption (typical value 400nA@3.6V)
  • Real-time clock (two timing modes, 12-hour system or 24-hour system)
  • Automatically identify leap years and normal years (2000~2099)
  • Clock count (including hour, minute, second) and perpetual calendar (including leap year, average year, month, day, week) represented by BCD code
  • 30-second digital timing function
  • Controllable 32.768KHz (or 32KHz) output
  • Two programmable alarm output
  • Two programmable square wave outputs, providing a variety of interrupts for the CPU (periodical interrupts from one month to one second)
  • Connect to CPU through I2C two-wire interface (maximum data clock frequency is 100KHz)
  • The latch function of the crystal oscillation stop detection ensures the validity of the clock data
  • 32KHz and 32.768KHz crystal selection
  • High-precision time adjustment circuit to ensure the accuracy of clock travel
  • Ultra-low voltage operation (timing voltage can be as low as 1.8V, communication voltage can be as low as 1.8V)

For code please see C library here.


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