AT24C256 (256Kb) EEPROM Data Module (I2C Bus)


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EEPROM can store data permanently unless you erase, and won’t lost when power off. Normal Arduino only have 512 bytes data space, it won’t be enough, but maybe you think a gigabyte SD card is too much. The 256Kb EEPROM will be very suitable for small mount of data storage.



  • Brand new chip, chip above the underlying code: 2ECL capacity of 256KB
  • Onboard chip AT24C256 chips;
  • Onboard I2C pull-up resistors;
  • All pins are leads and marked;
  • PCB board size: 36.5 (mm) x12 (mm)

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4 reviews for AT24C256 (256Kb) EEPROM Data Module (I2C Bus)

  1. 4 out of 5

    greggde (verified owner)

    Note this is the larger 256KB (KiloBytes) not 256Kb (Kilobits)

  2. 3 out of 5

    Chao (store manager)

    Hello Grggde,

    Thanks for the info, we just fixed the typo mistake, we have too many bad writers 😀

  3. 5 out of 5

    liuferdinand (verified owner)

    @greggde: AT24C256 is 256 kilobits serial EEPROM organized as 32,768 x 8-bit, not 256 kilobytes. 2ECL is SMD truncation code (a.k.a. marking code) for SOIC8 / TSSOP8 version of this device (see AT24C256 datasheet, section 11 / page 18), nothing related with ‘large version’.

    In fact, there is no Serial EEPROM with capacity of 256 KB (2 Mbits) produced by Atmel, largest one is 1 Mbit (128 KB). See:

    The only memory released by Atmel with capacity of 256 KB (2 Mbit) is an EPROM (non erasable, write once only), AT27C020.

    Larger capacity Atmel’s EEPROM only available in parallel version, 28C040 with capacity 512 KB / 4 Mbit.

  4. 4 out of 5 (verified owner)

    Could you please fix the specification on your page, as it still misleadingly reads “2ECL capacity of 256KB (Kilo-Bytes)”.
    However as @liuferdinand comments, the memory capacity of the chip is only 32 kilobytes, not 256 kilobytes (8 bits x 32k = 256 kilobits).

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