[Retired]SIM908 GSM GPS Mini Dev. Board V2


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This is another version of our SIM908 development board series, the purpose of this one is a little bit differ to the first, NOT all the pins are brought out for testing and learning purpose, except that most features are kept same.

GSM and GPS serial port are arranged on the left on the board, and also the power pins, you can directly power here. And with 6 pins, either soldering normal break away pins connectors or XH2.54 SMD plug in headers, you can embedded in your system simply.


  • Use CP2102 for USB to TTL communication, one DPDT switch, you can manually switch the UART communication to USB by using this switch. You can use the GSM and GPS in the same time by connect to the pins directly, but can’t use together via the USB output.
  • Use LD1117 power regular, supply up to 2A and 4V power for IC.
  • Two SMA antenna connector for GSM and GPS, you can find these types of antenna in our store.
  • SIM card slot on the back of the board
  • RJ11 standard phone handle connector, you can take the phone handle and plug it into this board, them make a call
  • NOT the pins are lead out for further design and embedded use, if you prefer this please try the first version.
  • Very compact size, 50*50 mm.


3 reviews for [Retired]SIM908 GSM GPS Mini Dev. Board V2

  1. 2 out of 5

    kermed (verified owner)

    No sample code. No clear pinout to Arduino. Lots of guess work.

    I finally got GSM side to sort of reply. No luck on GPS. Not recommended. I’m not even sure the GPS side is even working.

  2. 1 out of 5

    kermed (verified owner)


    The 6 pin unit showed here is not actually what was sent to me from electrodragon.

    I was sent a 10 PIN item.

    Near as I can tell…
    VCHG – Battery charge port
    VDD – ?
    TEMP – Battery port
    GRN – Ground
    GSM +
    GSM –
    GPS +
    GPS –
    GND – Ground
    VDD – ?

  3. 5 out of 5

    kermed (verified owner)

    Ok – final review from me. I figured I would do the pinout myself and a code example.


    And you should think about sending me free stuff and I will write up more pinouts (wishful thinking):)

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