Stepper Motor 3~6kg/cm^2, 200 steps/rev [Types]


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Specs 57 version 42 version
Torque 1 N.m ~0.3 N.m
Phase and wires Four Six
Shaft diameter, length and type Dia. 5mm, L=21mm, type D. Dia. 6.35mm, L=16mm, type D.
Step 1.8° (200 steps/rev) 1.8° (200 steps/rev)
Current 2A 1.2A
Resistance 4.8ohm 5.6ohm
Brand Japan.servo Vexta
  • 42 or 57 means the motor outline dimension, unit in mm
  • The 57 version stepper motor will be power enough to drive the XYZ of your DIY CNC machine!
  • Four Wires: Red A+, Black A-, Yellow B+, White B-
  • Six Wires: Black = A+, White = A-, Green = B+, Yellow = B-. Red and orange are the common lines.
  • Easy drive by arduino shield, easy to use
  • Motor Rack also available in store
  • Use voltage 24V for driving, you can also use higher, no problem (Please Ignore the voltage spec. on the motor label)
  • This is NOT brand new motors, it may look very old, but the specification, performance will be correct and all tested before send, by running five minutes in normal condition. So we do NOT accept any problems regarding the looks(since the picture is not yet updated).
  • Shaft dimensions may change related to every batch, if you want to know beforehand please ask us by email or check it after you receive.



  • This item can not be shipped by DHL, Fedex, such express shipping service.

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