AR9331 OpenWrt Mini Expansion Board


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Board Features:

  • Based on our AR9331 mini core board.
  • On board two standard ethernet port, can be configerd as LAN or WAN.
  • On board one USB Host port, support USB portable disk, USB camera, etc. Also support external USB hub for expanding (GL850).
  • On board four LEDs, four buttons. For our compiled openwrt 18.06 version:
    • Preconfigured one system status LED indicator.
    • Preconfigured one factory reset and once reboot buttons.
    • The rest LEDs and buttons are registered and programmable.
    • The rest LEDs can be configued for rx or tx of ethernet port in LUCI web interface.
    • Configuration files can be found in the same git folder.
  • On board 1×4 pin header for UART0 debug port and power supply.
  • On board 5.5mm DC power supply jack.
  • On board reserved infrared receiver (four IR LEDs cover 270 degree) and transmitter, on GPIO12 and GPIO0. Reference demo code in git folder.
  • On board reserved temperature sensor DS18B20 on GPIO26. Reference demo code in git folder.
  • On board extra 6 GPIOs pins and 3.3V/GND power supply on 2×4 pin header.

Application great for home wifi router, wifi camera suveiliance, wifi robot, car or other robotic control.


  • Includes the expansion board, AR9331 core board and normal used antenna.
  • NOT includes the infrared transmistter, receiver and temperature sensor DS18B20.

Code compling documenation please find here.

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