RF ASK OOK Wireless Receiver Module [Frequency]


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This is the ASK OOK modulated RF signal receiver module, it can directly replaced with classic rf link modules like this one.

Chip Features:

  • Frequency range: 300MHz-440MHz
  • High receiving sensitivity (2kbps, BER 10E-2)
    • -113 dBm @ 315MHz
    • -113 dBm @ 433.92MHz
  • Low power consumption
    • 5.0mA/3.3V @ 315MHz
    • 5.0mA/3.3V @ 433.92MHz
    • 0.01uA/3.3V @ Shut Down Mode
  • Low startup time: 3 ms
  • Data rate: ≤ 10kbps
  • Wide working voltage: DC 2.0V~ 5.5V
  • Built-in image suppression, good anti-interference performance
  • Receiving bandwidth: ±300KHz
  • High ESD protection standard: ±8KV HBM
  • Stand-alone operation without external MCU control
  • No need for register configuration

Board Features:

  • Pin Definitions: VCC 2.0–5.5V, ground and Data_OUT
  • On board black spring antenna
  • Board dimension 12.5 x 22 mm

Arduino can use radiohead ASK library and sketches.

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