• Smaller size than AA battery, L 27 * W 10 *
  • Lens Diameter 10 mm (11 mm outline)
  • 3-5V wide voltage input
  • Simple peripheral circuit to keep the small size.
  • High (Detect) or low TTL output 4.4V
  • Putput delay 20s (Delay does not support adjustment)
  • 1-2mA standby current
  • 10mA working alarm current.
  • Sensing distance: 5M max.
  • 140 wide angle degree
  • Pin definitions: VCC, GND, Data. Pin pitch 2.0mm, you can find 2.0 pin pitch prototype cable in our store.
  • Sensing frequency: 1hz

Sensing distance, angle, delay not able to be customized. Simple testing demo video here.

Buck order price $2.5 for more than 50pcs, price will auto update in cart page.

Package not include the pin connectors, it is reference only.

Documentation please refer to this product.

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Weight 0.015 kg

3 reviews for Super Mini PIR Motion Sensor

  1. 5 out of 5

    geraldhasmail (verified owner)

    The distance on this sensor is great for small projects, about 4 meters, very small, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I havent had any issues with any of the ones I’ve ordered.

  2. 1 out of 5


    unfortunately i have no luck with this item.

    1. it will not work on 3,3V. On 5v it’s working.

    2 it is not reliable.
    A further investigation told me that when it’s dark, the sensor activates by itself en not reliable . when its light its working well.
    I tried several test in dark boxes and this is the result.

    It’s a pity because is very small en easy to use.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Scott J

    this module is very sensitive to DC power noise. using an AC offline DC switching module to convert 120VAC to 5V with ESP8266 module, this module will constantly false trigger. I helps to use pi filter with 10mH and two 470uF, then filter false triggers in software. They are handy, but beware of glitches.

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