You can find the TCRT5000 sensor head here, and see its working principle.

This sensor similar to this obstacle avoidance sensor, but IR transmitter and receive integrated into one head TCRT5000, detecting not only if there is obstacle but also the distance as an analog output, and the power consumption is lower on this one.

The breakout board design based on the sensor and LM393 with adjustable Potentiometer, so trigger on a setup approaching distance is possible as a digital value by using LM393. You have analog and digital output both on this breakout board.

Application: This module used a lot for obstacle avoidance, robot trace tracking, production line item detector, etc.


  • Measuring obstacle distance within 0 – 3 CM.
  • Power Supply 3.3V – 5V
  • Board diemension 3.5cm * 1.5cm, have installation hole.
  • Including Power LED and working status (Digital output AO) LED
  • LM393 Volt compactor for digital output.
  • Package includes some dupont cables.


Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg


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