• Give a great protection for your raspberry pi now, with this rigid case.
  • Leave out the assembly problem and work, use the new one like a “phone cover”
  • Great look and ergonomic hand feeling.
  • Spend a couple of extra bucks to get a winning product.

Raspberry Pi Molded Plastic Case V2 banner

Raspberry Pi Plastic Case

  • Compact size, easy to stock and ship, without a frame it is a small flat piece of metal
  • Great for small batch PCB production, also easy to use, a must have item for making.
  • Precision laser milling/cutting work
  • Very fast to make, no lead time, send on the next day.

Stencil Service banner 02

Frameless Stencil Service

  • Great for Raspberry PI surveillance project, easy to install or mounted anywhere hidden.
  • Refreshed firmware, no need driver for Win7 or Raspberry Pi, should also support most current OS.
  • Price effective, high resolution on 720P, also night vision supported
  • USB connector

Raspberry Pi Raw Camera 720P, Night Vision (Webcam) 1 banner

Tiny Camera, 720P, Night Vision

  • Ramps is driving platform for controlling steppers, a lot of expansion function available on the board. This board is plug and based on Arduino mega, running firmware called Reprap.
  • This A4988 driver board is a part of ramps system, but you can also use it alone, it has great driving capability up to 2A each phase, very small size, and we give it 2oz copper for heat dissipation.
  • You can find our type Arduino-compatible EDArduino Mega here.
  • We have a type of thermistor here, reistor value is slight different, some hack to code may required if you want to use it in this system.

Ramps 06 banner

Ramps 1.4, A4988 Stepper Driver for 3D Printer

  • Supports most common used AVR ICs, atmega series (328, 168, 8L, etc), Attiny Series(13/24/44/45/2313/85, etc), same footprint ics should be supported.
  • Use arduino board directly as programmer, and arduino IDE as environment, ZIF socket to ease plug and program process.
  • New version V2 allow you to use this board as a standalone platform, you can program it with a extra programmer like USPASP.
  • You can also easily program the arduino bootloader and sketch into the ICs, or AVR hex files, turn your arduino project to batch products in a easy way!
  • On board testing LED D1 for arduino UNO (Socket pin3), and three programming status LEDs

Arduino AVR Programmer Shiled V2

Arduino AVR Programmer Shield V2

  • Except the Power supply, you will only need five IOs to control this LED. Save a lot of IOs.
  • Very nice display quality, high resolution, fast speed.
  • Many arduino library supports, the following pictures shows it works with arduino default library TFT and display text sketch.
EDS TFT LCD LCM SPI Interface [Variable 1.8'' 2.2''] 02

Nice LCD, EDS TFT LCD SPI Interface, 1.8” and 2.2” Available

  • A cheap and simple tool to help you get a nice understanding about common digital interface like SPI, IIC, CAN, UART.
  • This device detect the TTL signal and print it to your PC via USB.
  • Up to 24MHz speed, and 8 channels on the right side

Saleae Logic Analyzer

Saleae Logic Analyzer

Arduino Compatible EDArduino Pro Micro 02

This is the one of the smallest arduino board on the world.

  • Based on the atmega32u4 chip (so called arduino Leonardo now), running at 5V/16mhz.
  • Breadboard friendly.
  • Included USB UART interface. So you can direclty program via the micro USB now.

Arduino-compatible EDArduino pro micro, maybe the smallest Arduino on the world

C1101 Wireless Family

  • All Fully supported by arduino, more demo code also availabe
  • Original SPI or simple UART Serial interface, very easy to use
  • Different antenna design for different transmission request, longest transmission up to 800M
  • Essential CC1101 features: low power consumption, works on 433M ISM, high sensitivity, etc.

Comprehensive CC1101 Wirelss Modules Series

EDXGPS Ublox NEO-6 GPS Module wActive Antenna, EERPOM, Battery 3

Ublox Neo-6 GPS Module with great functions:

  • Based on a very popular Ublox IC, high signal sensitivity, powerful functions.
  • Active antenna has great signal strength, removable, IPX connector
  • Backup battery and backup EEPROM, supports quick warm start, GPS data, time data , etc backup.
  • Very Friendly price only $24.5 now!

A Very Well Designed GPS Module Based on Ublox Neo-6

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