• Supports most common used AVR ICs, atmega series (328, 168, 8L, etc), Attiny Series(13/24/44/45/2313/85, etc), same footprint ics should be supported.
  • Use arduino board directly as programmer, and arduino IDE as environment, ZIF socket to ease plug and program process.
  • New version V2 allow you to use this board as a standalone platform, you can program it with a extra programmer like USPASP.
  • You can also easily program the arduino bootloader and sketch into the ICs, or AVR hex files, turn your arduino project to batch products in a easy way!
  • On board testing LED D1 for arduino UNO (Socket pin3), and three programming status LEDs

Arduino AVR Programmer Shiled V2

Arduino AVR Programmer Shield V2

  • Except the Power supply, you will only need five IOs to control this LED. Save a lot of IOs.
  • Very nice display quality, high resolution, fast speed.
  • Many arduino library supports, the following pictures shows it works with arduino default library TFT and display text sketch.
EDS TFT LCD LCM SPI Interface [Variable 1.8'' 2.2''] 02

Nice LCD, EDS TFT LCD SPI Interface, 1.8” and 2.2” Available

  • A cheap and simple tool to help you get a nice understanding about common digital interface like SPI, IIC, CAN, UART.
  • This device detect the TTL signal and print it to your PC via USB.
  • Up to 24MHz speed, and 8 channels on the right side

Saleae Logic Analyzer

Saleae Logic Analyzer

Arduino Compatible EDArduino Pro Micro 02

This is the one of the smallest arduino board on the world.

  • Based on the atmega32u4 chip (so called arduino Leonardo now), running at 5V/16mhz.
  • Breadboard friendly.
  • Included USB UART interface. So you can direclty program via the micro USB now.

Arduino-compatible EDArduino pro micro, maybe the smallest Arduino on the world

Stepper Motor Family Slide

A stepper motor to satisfy all your robotics or machines needs! These are the quite professional motors!

  • Up to 6kg/cm^2 static moment hold power, and up to 1A drive amp.
  • 1.8° per step, and 200 steps per revolution
  • Easy to drive by arduino shield
  • Relevant motor rack also available.

Click the image to see the product details!

Powerful and Precise Stepper Motor Series

C1101 Wireless Family

  • All Fully supported by arduino, more demo code also availabe
  • Original SPI or simple UART Serial interface, very easy to use
  • Different antenna design for different transmission request, longest transmission up to 800M
  • Essential CC1101 features: low power consumption, works on 433M ISM, high sensitivity, etc.

Comprehensive CC1101 Wirelss Modules Series

EDXGPS Ublox NEO-6 GPS Module wActive Antenna, EERPOM, Battery 3

Ublox Neo-6 GPS Module with great functions:

  • Based on a very popular Ublox IC, high signal sensitivity, powerful functions.
  • Active antenna has great signal strength, removable, IPX connector
  • Backup battery and backup EEPROM, supports quick warm start, GPS data, time data , etc backup.
  • Very Friendly price only $24.5 now!

A Very Well Designed GPS Module Based on Ublox Neo-6


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