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3 days ago
(verified owner)

The only reason I am giving this 1 star is because I can't give it 0. This product is a complete rip-off of the original and does not work with the provided demonstration links. It displays the characters in reverse order. Look for the original and avoid this product.

2 months ago

Hi, yes indeed it could be recycled parts, or maybe quality failed parts, but could also be fully new parts .. We are not actually don't know about this, we did just resell it, sorry we didn't specify this enough.

This kind of battery better use a special cc/cv charger and stop charge at 3.6~3.7V.

I also just contact the supplier of this, he said 8C can work, maybe we will test to improve this later.


2 months ago
(verified owner)

I have mixed feelings with respect to these batteries.
- I am not sure they are new. Theirs legs seems to have been cut.
- Their discharge capacity is not at all what is announced. It is announced that charge and discharge current is at least 8C with a nominal 220 mAh. This is certainly not true, as the discharge current cannot go much beyond 0.2A (I.e. 1C) about the same for charging current ( maybe 2C). Is this because they are used ?

I have made many tests for measuring the capacity (3.6 V to 2.5 V) on 3 different batteries.
- At 0.4 A CC discharge, the capacity is just 170 mAh
- At 0.2 A CC discharge, the capacity is about 500 mAh

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