Let you your devices (PC, laptop, etc) have USB BT 4.0 capability, so your exist device will be capable to talk with your latest BT 4.0 devices.

New Features of Bluetooth 4.0:

  • Superior signal penetration capability, penetrate wall easily without losing signal; Class 2 specs transmission which is 20M.
  • Dual-channel, you can connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously for data transmission;
  • Meet the 4.0 standard specification, high speed, low power consumption;
  • Can be connected to smart phones and other smart Bluetooth devices.

Other features of BT 4.0:

  • Great compatibility, stable, and high speed. Downward supports BT 2.1+ EDR, BT 3.0+ HS, BT4.0 BLE.
  • Drive free, support Win7/Win8/Win10/Vista/XP and other mainstream operating systems. Need driver for audio streaming.
  • Supports Bluetooth Class I standard, so Bluetooth devices have greater coverage
  • Supports Wake-on-WLAN and Wake-on-Bluetooth function makes wireless terminal device saving more power
  • Can be used on all of the Windows system with a USB computer, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth printers, and mobile phones Bluetooth to send files to each other.


  • BT IC: CSR8510A10
  • Size: 26 × 15 × 7 mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 3g
  • Standard: Bluetooth V4.0 +EDR
  • Overview: Bluetooth low power, dual-mode Bluetooth
  • Band: In 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
  • Sensitivity:-86dBm @ 0.1% of
  • RF transmit power: +6 dBm of (II category)
  • Support up to win 10.



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