EB8635 EB8645 Bluetooth BT4.0 Audio Board [Type]


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EX8635 based on CSR8635 IC (green board), and EX8645 based on CSR8645 IC (blue board), stero audio, can connect to phone device.

EX8645 supports APT-X audio quality.


  • Five function keys: PLAY, VOL +, VOL-, PREV, NEXT.
  • Status LED:
    • Pairing – two LEDs flash alternately,
    • Paired – single LED flashes
  • USB sound card function (tested, sound pretty good, but note: USB sound card and Bluetooth can not work simultaneously.);
  • 3.2V low power alarm, 3.0V automatic shutdown, (can support AMS1117 power supply);
  • The maximum charging current is set to 150MA (for 8635), or 250MA (for 8645), light off one led and turn on other one when charging finished.
  • Stay pairing status when not paired
  • Can simultaneously connect to two phones (the only way: boot automatically chainback last paired phone, the penultimate pairing the phone will need to manually connect);
  • External amplifier mute pin available. When Bluetooth is muted, after a period of time, output low; when the module is playing, the output high (1.8V).


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3 reviews for EB8635 EB8645 Bluetooth BT4.0 Audio Board [Type]

  1. 3 out of 5

    junk (verified owner)

    Board works easily out of box but I’ve had a problem hooking it up to multiple amplifier’s. As soon as you start playing something the bluetooth module over heats and burns out. I’ve added some capacitors in series with the speakers but that hasn’t helped. I’ve already burned out one of the modules. Playing a speaker straight from the bluetooth module works with no problem.

  2. 4 out of 5

    junk (verified owner)

    This is a follow up to my former review. I’ve figured out the problem that was causing the bluetooth module to over heat. Apparently you don’t want to hook the SPK_L_N1 or SPK_R_N1 up to anything. Just hook the amplifiers negative input up to the ground plane instead. As soon as I removed those speaker negative lines the over heating problem went away and the module is working perfectly. Thanks to Chow He for all his help. Great service from Electrodragon. 🙂

  3. 5 out of 5

    thiagoas (verified owner)

    Great sound quality on the EB8645, the output is in differential mode, so you need to use opamps to convert to normal mode with ground.

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