20PCs NTC Resistor Thermistor [Type]

20PCs NTC Resistor Thermistor [Type]


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The higher temperature, the lower resistance value.

  • 10K-3950 | Resistor value: 10K (1% precision) | B value: 3435 (1% precision)
  • 100K-3950 | Resistor value: 100K (5% precision) | B value: 3950 (1% precision)

Use on 3D printer, official termistor of reprap is 100K 1%.

For example, in regular 25 C environment, the resistor value will be 10K, and when rise up to 50C, resistance will also down to 4K ohm. Some values for references:

T(℃)  R(KΩ)
-40 190.5562
12 18.1489
25 (Normal) 10.0000 (10K)
65 2.5076

NTC documentation.

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