Use together with our K-type thermocouple. Easy to build to an oven reflow control system.

  • SPI interface for easy connection and arduino and SCM, distribution 2.54mm pin spacing
  • Temperature range 0 ℃ ~ 1024 ℃, the converter temperature resolution of 0.25 ° C.
  • Chip cold junction compensation. High impedance differential input. Thermocouple break detection.
  • Wide operating voltage range 3. 0 ~ 5. 5V, operating current of 50mA.
  • Operating temperature range -20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃.
  • Module size: 15mm * 28mm has a 3mm diameter screw holes
  • K-type thermocouple junction location, use 301 ordinary terminals, convenient and simple.

Note: The default shipping pins and terminals are not welded, with the plate distribution, customer needs its own welding.


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