Flash NodeMCU to Wi07-12 ESP8266 Board

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Flash NodeMCU to Wi07-12 ESP8266 Board

The NodeMcu development board is sold out recently, not sure when the new stock will arrive. The development has some peripheral circuit to ease your usage, including USB-UART, USB5V-3.3V power supply, buttons, and lead out all the IOs.

But you can still use the Wi07-12 standalone without the dev board, we use a FT232RL breakout board to provide USB-UART and 3V3 power. Then you can also flash the nodemcu to the board directly.

Some extra items are used here. First the is the Wi07-12 breakout board, it setup the CHPD, GPIO2 for normal usage, then you only need connect power pins and Serial pins. For flashing mode, just connect GPIO0 to ground. Another special stripboard is using here, each two holes are connected. All can find in our store.

Here is the setup:

Using the flash tool and firmware from this link, and upload.

After uploading, remove the gpio0 to quit the flashing mode, and open putty (a serial monitor tool) to say hello! Furthermore you can try to debug codes in the nodemcu studio, Happy coding!

nodemcu say hello

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