Bluetooth Between Your Laptop and Phone!

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Bluetooth Between Your Laptop and Phone!

What your need is:

  • Terminal which is a serial port terminal monitor
  • LC-05 Bluetooth module
  • An android phone, whatever model
  • A laptop, whatever model
  • A FTDI module, this module give communication from TTL to USB.
  • BlueTerm or SENA Bterm, get it from google play on your android phone

First you have to connect your FTDI module directly to your laptop, and make these wiring to between your FTDI and BT module:

FTDI         BT

RX   –  TX

TX   –   RX



Forget and other pins, and now you should see red light on BT module flashing rapidly and happy, now search BT module in your android phone, you can see a device named “HC-05“, this is the BT module.

Just click and connect it, if you type 0000 or 1234, should be 1234, you should pair it successfully. And the red light flash slowly!

Now turn on Terminal software on laptop, use default setting (9600 baud, parity = none,stop bit = 1), select the right com and connect,

then turn on SENA Bterm on phone, go bluetooth management – connect to your HC-05 BT module, now you can type any words on either SENA Bterm or Terminal to see the communication. This is easy, right?!

File Transition

Try further send TXT file to your phone, you can see words in txt display on your phone screen terminal.

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  • poulbran Reply

    Good for remote controlled electric skateboards.

    September 12, 2016 at 8:14 am

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