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High Power LED (100W) Demo Video

This 100W LED works at 28V and 0.6A, if you put 70V on it, it also won’t burn, interesting 😀

In the video we have a new type of power supplier, step up from 12V to 70V/10A max, if you are interesting please let us know by comments.


4 Replies to “High Power LED (100W) Demo Video”

  1. rhume says:

    Nice, and bright, i hear the voice of your cat !

  2. Chao says:

    I didn’t pay attention to the cat, tested the products at my place 😀

  3. Ali Madani says:

    Will it step up 12V to 80V?

    Pleae reply as soon as possible.

  4. poulbran says:

    This only needs a lens and a heatsink now.

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