This wireless power transfer kit use large wire coil, 43mm diameter and sturdy wires, transfer large current is possible. Easily drive small motors as shown in demo video.

  • Input voltage
    • 5 ~ 12V for transmitter mark 412 chip (note positive and negative can not be reversed)
    • 5V output for receiver mark 3168 chip
  • Maximum load current: 1.3A
  • Receives the output voltage and current: 5V / 1.5A (Reach maximally current when it very close)
  • Transmitting coil size: diameter 43mm, thickness 2.3mm
  • Transmitter module size: 26mm * 11mm * 2.5mm
  • Receiver Module Size: 24mm * 10mm * 5mm
  • Receiving coil size: diameter 43mm, thickness 2.3mm
  • Receiving the best distance: 3 ~ 6mm


  • Do not reverse power supply connection
  • Do not short connect the positive and negative load-line of receiver module
  • Do NOT leave a large area of the metal near the coil periphery
  • Do NOT make direct contact of the two wire coils, otherwise module will burn, use any slim mater to block the contact of the wire coil of receiver and transmitter
  • So the minimium distance should be at least 2mm

See the demo video link here.

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Weight 0.02 kg

1 review for 1.5A Wireless Power Charger Pair Kit, High Current

  1. 5 out of 5

    Steven (verified owner)

    We use these with the coils 3mm apart – for the demo we put 3mm plywood between the two coils. The power transfer is really good. The best help was all the notes that Chao puts up on the electrodragon site. We got our demo working really quickly because he did it for us first.

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