Wireless Power Supply Modules Pair w/19mm Dia. Coil


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This module comes a pair of receiver and transmitter, with 19 mm diameter coil. Now you can easily build up your 5V phone wireless charger!

This product is for the current series of mobile phones and a variety of small electronic products, wireless charging, power development and design is made with a small size, extremely easy to use, high efficiency, low cost features. Mainly used in mobile electronics products, such as: mobile phone , game, fish tank, MP3, MP4, adult products, digital cameras, electric shavers, machine learning, health care, water supplies and other products applications; since using non-contact charging power supply, make the product completely sealed, waterproof dust; extend product life, easier to use.


  • Transmitter module dimensions: length 26mm width 11mm height 2.6mm
  • Transmitting coil inductance: 7uH (equipped with receiving coil, when the inductance smaller the received output current will be larger, vice verse)
  • Receiving coil production (optional): receiving coil could be the same size of the transmitter coil turns, depending on the particular circumstances, adjust the turns untill the received volts sightly higher than the loads voltage will be better.
  • Connection: 1-pin negative power (Black); 2-pin to the positive power supply (Red); 3 and 4 pins connect to the external transmitter coil
  • Coil diameter: 19mm
  • Transmitter module Operating voltage: 6V ~ 9V (can be used 12V when receiving distance is longer)
  • Transmitter current: With receiver automatically increase or decrease the size of the load current
  • Receiver module output current: 5V/100 ~ 300mA
  • The role of sending and receiving distance: 3(4) ~ 15mm, no NOT put them too close or touch, will burn receiver due to too large current

Note: Do NOT reverse connect power pin on transmitter, do NOT short connected the receiver’s pins, do NOT put the coil close to large area metal material.


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5 reviews for Wireless Power Supply Modules Pair w/19mm Dia. Coil

  1. 5 out of 5

    medvonok (verified owner)

    Nice for short distance.

  2. 5 out of 5

    remymorra (verified owner)


  3. Peyman Faramarzi

    I order these to use for my school project none of them works also there was no instruction either. how do they expect
    people go back to them to buy more. paid extra money to ship to US too.

  4. 5 out of 5

    diazfjg (verified owner)

    It works fine. I like it.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Simple quick test of transmitter using 7.5v would indicate charge on my iPhone 8 when held against the Life Proof case

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