Wireless Charge Receiver Board QI




Based on TI QI standard wireless charge solutions, can receive power from any QI compatible transmitter.

Coil size 40×28 mm outside, and 22×10 inside, inductance is about 10uh, compatible with QI standard.

Includes two 10CM soldered power wires, negative and positive.

BQ51013B gives 5V up to 1A receiving capability.

  • Tested charging current is about 0.5-0.8A for our board.
  • Can be designed as USB 5V charge.
  • Board size 40x25mm, 0.6mm thickness.

BQ51050 supports 4.2V lithium battery up to 1A charge management.

  • Tested charging current is about 0.6-0.8A when battery 3.7V, 0.2-0.3A when battery 4.1V, stop charge when battery voltage nearly reach 4.2V.
  • On board power indicator, on when charging, off when battery is full.
  • Configurable charge current by resistor, default use 510R for 1A.
  • Board size 31x24mm, 0.6mm thickness, good for embedded projects.
  • Must connect to a lithium battery first, otherwise this can not work.

BQ51050 price up because of the low supply of chips

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BQ51013B, BQ51050

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