• Wide Input Voltage: 6.6V to 30V
    • Charge voltage should be higher than battery voltage, better use at least 15V.
  • Complete Charger Controller for 12V Lead-Acid Battery
    • Trickle charge mode (LED ON)
    • Constanct current charge mode (LED ON)
    • Over voltage charge mode (LED ON)
    • Float charge mode (LED OFF, Vbat at 13.55V)
    • Refer more details to datasheet.
  • Charge Current Up to 4A
  • High PWM Switching Frequency: 315KHz
  • Fixed Over-Charge Voltage
  • Charging Current is programmed with a sense resistor
    • our setup is 0.15V / 0.05 R = 2.4A
    • Maxiuim current can be set up to 4A, please change sense resistor by yourself.
  • Automatic Conditioning of Deeply Discharged Batteries
  • Automatic Recharge
  • Charger Status Indication
  • Soft Start
  • Battery Overvoltage Protection
  • Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃ to +85℃
  • VOUT connect to battery, VIN connect to power source input.
  • Board dimension 61 * 39 mm.

Notice if you run high charging current, add heat sink on backside would be good.

Datasheet please find here.

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