Main Features:

  • support Point-to-Point mode or boardcast mode
    • 0% data lost on Point to point mode, only one point to one point,
    • 1% data lost on boardcase mode, all points to all points
  • send and receive in the mean time, no packet length limit, full-duplex
  • wide range of voltage auto support, 3~5.5V
  • operational current 30mA
  • 4.5dBM operational power
  • USB TTL 3.3-5.5V auto supported
  • easy config: button press config
  • open area transmission distance 250 meters
  • on board PCB antenna
  • 16*32mm, wireless 2.4 – 2.45 G
  • Transmission rate 3300 Bps, baudrate support: 115200, 57600, 38400, 19200,14400, 9600, 4800. 2400
  • Serial USB-TTL interface


  • Price is for one unit ONLY !
  • The module is pre-programmed with customized version, you will need a pair to use them.
  • Or you can try to reflash it to use standard official firmware, but we don’t provide technical support for this.

Documentation please see on this page.

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg

1 review for 2.4GHz Zigbee CC2530 Module

  1. 5 out of 5

    Gloria (verified owner)

    small board with CC2530 and Zigbee enable

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