• Based on MCU N76E003 controlled mosfet board, mosfet active on and off intermittently
  • Can set 0~999 seconds (16-17 minutes) after to turn on relay. (also can program to 999 minutes or maybe hours in more complex level)
  • Also can set 0~999 after to turn off relay or hold on relay.
  • One extra input signal, can use to control board by programming.
    • fully isolated by optical coupler
    • In current demo code, will work as “emergency button”, when send signal will hold current loop to stop.
    • Can also connect to board ground, to eliminate the isolation
  • MCU flashed with bootloader, you can upload code by USB-TTL debugger, no need special programmer.


  • Power supply 5-37V from right top two pin terminals
  • Board start to count down, and turn on mosfet control when count down to zero: supply power out to right-bottom terminal VOUT from power-in VIN.
  • You can set the count down time by buttons.
  • External trigger on left side terminal, it will hold the count down time when it is short connected.
  • For more versatile usage, you can always try to reprogram it.

Power Supply:

  • Wide range input voltage 5-37V by regulator LM317
  • Protective diode to prevent wrong direction power connection.

Other Features:

  • On board two parallel Mosfet AOD4184, up to 40V, and Id 2x 50A = 100A. And switch voltage = input voltage, input voltage should be no more than LM317 voltage 37V.
  • On board segment display to show timing.
  • One relay signal led indicator
  • Two config buttons, only two used.

Use Guide and demo video please see on this page.

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