ESP Mini Signal Relay Board ESP8285


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  • Based on ESP8285 MCU+WIFI IC, all IOs lead out.
    • 2.54mm pitch – One group IO16, IO14, IO12.
    • 2.54mm pitch – IO15 IO2.
    • 2×2 2.0mm pitch – IO5 IO4. (can be used as input and ouput for other projects)
    • 2×2 2.0mm pitch – 3V3, GND (can be used as power output)
    • 1×6 2.0mm pitch – Reset, 3V3, GND, IO0(boot mode), TXD, RXD. (pre-soldered connector)
  • On board 1.25mm pitch battery connector jack and cable, can use battery supply.
  • On board 2A 30VDC HDF4/5 signal relay, output on 3.5mm pitch green cable terminal.

Package include main board, and battery power cable.

Here is a custom application with touch panel demo video. 

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