• Based on RDA5981xA Module (8Mbit) Module.
  • On Board USB-TTL CH340 USB Debugger.
  • On board one power LED (not necessary because same to module power led).
  • A switch can switch USB port to CH340 debugger or to output of module USB bus interface.
  • Lead out all pins, please see attached image. I2S pins breakout again on bottom, connect via network resistor.
  • Back side SD card interface, tested by default demo code.
  • Back side SO8 SOC IC reserved footprint, support
    • SPI Flash (which don’t have demo code, didn’t test), CS pin on IO5
    • SPI Interface CS pin IO5
    • PSRAM tested by default demo code, CS pin IO 23, change by jumper.
  • More functions are not yet tested so far, any feedback please let us know.
  • More documentation please see wiki page.

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Weight 0.01 kg
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1 review for RDA5981x1 Mini Dev. Board R1

  1. 2 out of 5

    John-Mark Gurney

    Toolchain is no longer supported and depends upon Python 2.7 which has been EoL’d for a LONG time.

    It does get two stars as the price is good, and it does appear to use an open source tool chain, but I haven’t actually gotten any test code functional yet.

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