Terminal Serial Port (UART) Monitor/emulation program

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Terminal Serial Port (UART) Monitor/emulation program

Terminal is a simple serial port (COM) terminal emulation program. It can be used for communication with different devices such as modems, routers, embedded uC systems, GSM phones,… It is very useful debugging tool for serial communication applications.

It’s a really uesful monitor tool for all kinds Serial Port (UART) communication between PC and other MCUs, AVR, arduino, PIC, etc. It’s commonly used in prototyping and many other systems. We used it for a while, and feel it really handy, so it’s one of the most useful tool you should have!

Get it from here.

Other software called sscom can be lunched two windows program so you can run two Serial Port and let them talk to each other, and monitor what’s happen in both send and receive window. you can get it here. sscom32E

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