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SMT Pick and Place Machine Work

Pick and place file output from eagle, and copy into a SD card for use. The machine only running 10% speed of normal, but actually it can run 150% speed of normal.

Each time pick and place work include the following steps:

  1. Move to the PCB 0,0 (x,y) zero point, which is locate on the left bottom corner
  2. Move the reel of the part by using a pointer
  3. Pick up the part
  4. Place the part

Should be care:

  • Board is placed on the real word X+ and Y+¬†quadrant, so any negative coordinate will make the machine stupid.
  • Must check all the directions of the part, for example, either -90 or +90 for the LEDs, polarity capacitors.


5 Replies to “SMT Pick and Place Machine Work”

  1. vire says:

    that`s great

  2. thiagoas says:

    Great machine!

  3. poulbran says:

    Is it Electrodragon’s?

  4. muunokhoi says:

    Neat video. Can we get one of it running full speed?

  5. Chao says:

    Hi, yes we have the machine for small samples.

    Can not sell it, it is a very high machine, we don’t have how to ship it internationally. Thanks.

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