PCB Design for Manufacturing – From Traditional to SMD

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PCB Design for Manufacturing – From Traditional to SMD

Traditional through – holes design with PTH components is the thing of yesterday, after seeing the video, you will understand that the through – holes always require you bigger parts, labor force to put the parts into the board manually, large size of the PCB board, and more reasons that make it worse than SMD (Surface-mount device) design, compare to 5K pieces of PTH resistors, you only get a tray for this number in SMD package. So it’s maybe good to make a decision to get rid of PTH design mostly for large number of manufacturing but go with SMD design!

Also choose simple but common package is great idea, if you go with BGA, it will take a lot of effort for either small volume or high volume manufacturing, will never be easy.

And also read more about penalizing design on 17:00, it make you much more efficient for high volume manufacturing, if you make PCB sample at our place with fixed size like 10*10, you can simply combine them by penalizing. Understand how the machine pick up,  and don’t get screw 😀

And also don’t forget the common V-cut (V – groove) and tab routing for separating penalized PCB board, see it at 27:00, otherwise you will have to separate later with a PCB cutter by yourself.

See the video after with this great tutorial about how to make great decision for your design for further manufacturing.

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  • poulbran Reply

    EEVblog man is he funny. The hardest part is finding great libraries. Wish there was a mega source for them.

    September 12, 2016 at 8:45 am

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