Video Recording by a Cheap Quadcopter

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Video Recording by a Cheap Quadcopter

We are new to the quadcopter, it is a lot of fun, but the video quality turn out to be really normal. So there are basic problems which need to be aware when you choose a cheap one of this:

  • PZT (Pan-tilt-zoom) camera, the camera must be able to against the movement of the quadroter. The video is very shaky because of the flying. And the higher flying, the more shaky.
  • The position of the camera is fixed, can not be turned up or down, left or right.
  • The quality of the camera itself it very normal.
  • I have disable the sound, otherwise it is really a lot of noise from the propeller.
  • The quadcopter have very small power motors, so very bad capability to against the wind. Also, it can not fly very high, 50 meters are hard to control when wind is coming.
  • Fixed ahead position of the quadcopter.
  • And I only bring one battery, after 15 minutes it is done. 🙂

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  • poulbran Reply

    Not a bad flight Mine are much shorter.

    September 12, 2016 at 7:48 am

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