Atmega328P Arduino Plus Lora SX1278 Board, Loraduino




  • Use atmega328P IC with arduino pro mini bootloader as main controller.
  • Arduino sketch can be uploaded via FTDI side interface.
  • (for 433mhz version) On board wireless radio SX1278 Lora RF95, low power consumption, long transmission distance and low error, board runs on 433MHZ. Distance test can be found here.
  • Lead out SX1278 Lora pin IO1, IO2, IO3.
  • On board SPI flash 16M-bit for data, supported by arduino SPI flash library.
  • On board LDO regulator AP2112.
  • On board programmerable LED D7.
  • On board MCP73831 smart charge IC. Board can be powered by litihium battery, and charge when 5V power supplied to board.
  • On board power LED, and backside charge status LED.
  • Battery voltage level can be read via D6 pin.
  • PH2.0 built battery cable included in package.
  • Board dimension is 23x46mm, arduino pro mini layout.

433mhz-Board Package Includes:

  • Main loraduino board, mounted lora module backside, and PH2.0 battery power jack.
  • 433mhz spring pin antenna.
  • PH2.0 Power cable

Blank-back-Board Package Includes:

  • Main loraduino board, without backside lora module and battery socket mounted
  • Seperated PH2.0 battery power jack, and cable.

Please buy other frequency lora module here. It requires soldering skills to solder the lora module and power jack.

More documentation please see on this page.

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Board Type

Blank Board w/o Lora Module, Board w/433mhz Lora Module


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