Based on ESP8266 MCU+WIFI solution, on board battery charge and use function, support all of our this series child board via on board connector, plug to use.

Board Features:

  • Reset and IO0/PROG button, power and IO2 led.
  • Default I2C pull-up resistors on pin IO4 and IO5
  • On board CP2104 auto-download USB-TTL bridge
  • Lead out all pins

Board Power Features:

  • On board TP4067 battery charger:
    • Up to 600mA charge current
    • Charge and standby led indicator (front)
    • Support anti-reverse direction by chip
    • Default for 4.2V lithium battery, also customizable for 4.35 or 3.6V LFP battery
  • Power supply auto-switch between USB supply+charge or battery supply.
  • On board 1.25mm battery connector, or reserved to support CR123A battery connector
  • One power on/off switch

Board Connector Features:

  • Board-to-board connector, plug in to use, without any wirings.
  • Can be futher lock by 2mm screw hex spacer.
  • Connector pin definitions please see on this page.
  • UART interface is selectable by jumper. And can be connect to ESP8266 hardware UART TXD/RXD or software UART IO12/IO14.
  • Tested with ESY-LINK, child board can be remotely control by WIFI to hardware UART.

Shipment includes: main board, 1.25mm battery one-end male 10CM cable.

You can find more usage images here.

Detailed use guide here.

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