STM8S103F3P6 Mini Dev Board

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  • This is a new STM8S103 development board, all the pins are lead out.
  • It can be powered by USB 5V, SWIM or power pins, board includes AMS1117-3.3V LDO to convert USB 5V to 3V3 VDD.
  • Support SWIM programming.
  • Including Power LED, custom LED on pin PD3 (This should flash when you power it up) and reset button.
  • Compare to STM8S003, it has
    • bigger EEPROM up to 640 bytes (128 bytes of S003)
    • can re-flash more than 10K times (100 times of S003)
    • and 8K flash (4K flash of S003)


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3 reviews for STM8S103F3P6 Mini Dev Board

  1. kermed

    Arduino support?

  2. marcolim87 (verified owner)

    Very good Price and quality.
    Thanks a lot

  3. Bernd (verified owner)

    I like the board very much, but there is one thing to consieder when you start developing:
    The LED is not connected to Port D 3 as metioned in the description, it is connected to Port B 5.

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