• Working voltage DC 10V-35V. Recommend the use of switching power supply DC24V.
  • Using 6N137 high-speed optical coupling to maintain high speed without losing step.
  • Toshiba TB6560AHQ new original chip, low-pressure shut-off, overheating and over-current protection circuit parking to ensure optimal performance.
  • Rated maximum output: ± 3A, peak 3.5A.
  • 3A fit within the stepper 42,57 with two-phase / four-phase / four-wire / six-wire stepper motor , not suitable for more than 3A stepper motor.
  • Automatic half current function.
  • Segments: full step, half step, step 1/8, 1/16 steps, up to 16 segments.
  • Dimensions: length 75 * 50 * width height 35 (MM)


  • Current level by adjustable to meet your various application requirements.
  • Automatic semi-flow adjustable.
  • Using 6N137 high-speed optical coupling to ensure high speed without losing step.
  • Board printed setup instructions, can use without a use manual
  • Using thick fine-toothed radiator, good heat dissipation.


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1 review for TB6560 3A Stepper Driver, Single-Axis

  1. 4 out of 5

    trhardin (verified owner)

    Very compact, easy hookup. the heatsink is not too large and probably want to add muffin fan to in incrase air flow. also pay attention when mpounting to not restric air flow. Keep the current and voltage within the guidelines

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