Wifi IoT Relay Board VDC Based on ESP8266

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  • Based on ESP8266 Wifi IC, ESP-12F module.
  • This is the extended version of esp relay board. Flashed also the same firmware and use the same case.
  • Dual SPST Mechanical Relay (10A 30VDC, 250VAC)
  • Board supply power DC voltage power 5-24V. Board DC buck circuit based on MP1584.
  • Relay Drive power can be same as DC board power or independent DC or AC power supply.
  • Board extension function includes DHT sensor, IOs pins, wireless socket. On board reset (en) and flash io0 button.
  • Not including screws for less than 5 kits from December 2017 (Which cause shaky sounds inside and will trigger security failure of shipment, it significally delay shipment.)
  • Please prepare M2*8 or M2.2*6, etc crews by yourself.

Documentation please see on this page.

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1 review for Wifi IoT Relay Board VDC Based on ESP8266

  1. nardev (verified owner)

    Similar to other modules of this kind. Very easy to use and program. All required docs available. Don’t have any problems using it. Ordered many of those.

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