Liquid Flow Sensor, Turbine Meter wiring with ESP8266

Thanks to customer Mark, here is wiring diagram of the flow sensor/meter with esp8266, the key point is needing a 555 timer chip as a Schmitt trigger.

Also the VCC voltage of flow sensor is 5V, and esp8266 is 3v3, a voltage divider is needed in the circuit.

You can find the flow sensor here.

flow sensor wiring with esp8266

Updated to use a CMOS version of the 555 timer that doesn’t suck massive power like the old LM555.

esp8266 with reflow sensor


4 thoughts on “Liquid Flow Sensor, Turbine Meter wiring with ESP8266

  1. geraldhasmail

    Thanks for this! I have the flow sensor and it has made my auto garden watering device much more reliable!


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